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Préludes, Nocturnes, Nouvelles Impressions Fugitives ...

Author :Journeau
Title :"Préludes, Nocturnes, Nouvelles Impressions fugitives ..."
Works : 1st part :
  • "Valse"
  • "La Fileuse"
  • "Divertissement en forme de sonatine"
  • "Préludes"
  • "Cinq nouveaux Préludes"
  • "Le Furet"
  • "Simple Cantilène"
  • "Toccata"
2nd part :
  • "Menuet"
  • "Nocturnes"
  • "Sur l'Etang"
  • "Midi aux Champs"
  • "Nouvelles Impressions Fugitives"
Particular points :first recording of these works, most of them unpublished
Interpreters :Thomas Betz (1st part) - Jean Micault (2nd part)
Running time :70'57"
Produced by :"SKARBO" (DSK 1011), 2001
Distributed by : INTEGRAL
Booklet :12 pages
French - English - German

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Piano always was Journeau's best-loved instrument. So, we find piano writing during his whole composing period (1921-1984).

We are offered here a wide range of works from 1921 to 1983, most of them unpublished and all belonging to various musical forms.

Lastly, it is quite original to find so closely united three generations of members of the "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris", that private School famous abroad too.

First, Journeau, a composer whose Centenary was celebrated Salle Cortot in 1998. Secondly, Professor Jean Micault, an international pedagogue whose fifty years of teaching were celebrated there too. Lastly, his previous German disciple, Thomas Betz, now a promising concert-performer.

A rather good example, if need be, of members carrying the School tradition.


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