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Second issue of "Musique Française pour piano et violon"

February 2010

Musique française pour piano et violon (Sonatas by Franck, Debussy and Journeau, "Berceuse" by Journeau), first published in 1998, 2nd issue in 2010

The piano duet of Cathy Cousin and François Goïc is a permanent duo, something rather rare in France since the famous Cortot-Thibaut duet has disappeared. Their performances take place both in France and abroad. Yet they are particularly well-known in the touristic region of the "Châteaux de la Loire" where one may often hear them in festivals. They play genuine French music particularly and that of Maurice Journeau, a sensitive, passionnate 20th Century music. This CD is a historic one, recorded in 1998 for the Centenary of the composer who could still listen to it and appreciate thus the successful interpretation of the duo. This second issue will allow new listeners to discover the Sonate pour piano et violon (published by Combre in Paris), the work of a young man in Biarritz in 1923, with a contemplative mood, watching the Atlantic ocean from one of the beautiful palaces of the resort. This loved sea-landscape gave birth to the mingling of the piano evocating sometimes the waves, while some sounds by the violin remind us of the sea-birds flying above the sand. And the CD ends with the short Berceuse, a Christmas present full of tenderness and feeling in 1935 for his young, well-loved wife in Nice, a French touristic town on the Mediterranean sea

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