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Petite Suite pour Cordes et Piano

Petite Suite
Opus : 13
Date of composition : 1929
Instrument(s) : V1, V2, Cello, Cb, Piano
Publisher : Europart-Music
Duration : 12'30"

This quintet for strings and piano is constituted by three parts: 1. "Conte" (3'30") 2. "Elégie" (4') 3. "Valse" (5'). Each piece is of a quite different mood: first, inviting listeners to dream, then, impressive, and finally, passionately whirling. A quintet composed in Le Touquet, Paris-Plage (Pas-de-Calais) in France and often performed with another Journeau's quintet, the "Nuits Basques" written before in Biarritz.