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"Aux Rivages Méditerranéens" Op. 21 ("Henry Lemoine" publisher, Paris)

June 5th, 2020

A 20th century french music, most typical of Maurice Journeau's style, is to be found with the Suite for violin and piano "Aux Rivages Méditerranéens" Op. 21 (tr: "Along the mediterranean shores"). It was composed at the sea-side in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) in Autumn 1935. An inspiring place indeed, full of scents and colours, which induced him to write for violin still more, so as to introduce us to the french Riviera's beauty. Nice was - and remains - very well-known abroad for its mythical "Promenade des Anglais". One must be reminded in fact that Nice's healthy climate was highly praised already in 1763 by Doctor Tobias Smollett, a scottish physician and novelist, inviting thus Englishmen to be newcomers in their turn.

So, the musical work, first published by Editions Henry Lemoine on June 2020, makes us feel the composer's happiness in this sea-resort, living there ten years, just married with a beloved young wife, then a father of his three eldest children. Until the year 1936 when he had to definitively settle in Paris.

Maybe the Suite will suit concerts' listeners fond of french landscapses: the blue colour of the Mediterranean sea, the splendour of the Cape of Antibes diving into the sea, the charming mediaeval Sospel not far from Italy, the evening walk of the young couple up the hill above Nice where the little monastery among flowers remains nowadays.