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A new issue: a work for Clarinet in Bb with piano

September 2013

The clarinet is a wind instrument which of course plays a part in Maurice Journeau's various works for orchestra. Either in A for most of them, or in Bb for three orchestral arrangements by himself from works he had initially composed for piano. We still find the clarinet in A in "Largo", a small string and wind quintet with piano accompaniment (Europart-Music). And for his amusing "Dialogues pour flûte et basson" (éditions Fortin-Armiane)he willingly thinks of the clarinet in lieu of the flute. Yet, he chooses the clarinet in Bb for one of his last works in 1984,qiving thus birth to his "Trois Pièces Brèves pour Clarinette en Si b" op.69 (with piano accompaniment) in three movements: Allegretto, Expressif (Expressive), Librement (Freely). (Tr:Ch.Virlet-Journeau