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A new set of recordings in Canada

June 2013

The canadian duet of Anne Robert and Jacques Boucher grants us a surprise:"Cordes à tout vent", an anthology of their past and recent recordings, composed of six compact-discs. The first two allow us to discover their individual talents: Anne Robert as a great international violinist, Jacques Boucher as one of the main organists of our time in Canada. The four others make us hear the quite beautiful union of violin and organ between the two artists. The selected works for violin and organ belong to a broad musical period expanding from the 17th to the 20th century included. Some contemporary authors are to be noticed: Maurice Journeau(+1999),Antoine Reboulot (+ 2002), Dominique Joubert, John Burge...

Produced by "Société Métropolitaine du Disque"/"Espace 21"/SMD 229-6 (2013)


Auditorium Marcel Dupré (Meudon)
40 Boulevard Anatole France

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