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"L'autre Maurice du Pays basque" (tr: "The other Maurice of the Basque country")

Year 2022

In the french "Pianiste" Magazine n° 133 (March-April 2022), pp. 54-55, we may find a quite interesting analysis of the first two Sonatinas for piano by Maurice Journeau. Those written by the young composer in his native town of Biarritz in the french Basque country. Thus the Sonatina Op. 4 and particularly the 2nd Sonatina Op. 10, much easier than the first one. The author of the article, the lady pianist and musicologist Melissa Khong cleverly discloses the influence of the Basque coast, the inheritance of both Ravel and Debussy on this french compositional style of the years 1920, yet a much sober one but with waving colours and fascinating atmospheres from an author belonging to a very personal, tender universe.