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Musicora: "Midi aux champs" (piano)

February 2016

For "Musicora 2016" - an annual Music exhibition in Paris - the "Editions Henry Lemoine" (a well-known abroad parisian publisher having recently bought the classical "Editions Combre") have just published "Midi aux champs" op.27 for piano (Editions Combre) by the French composer Maurice Journeau (1898-1999). This Pastoral for piano, i.e. a bucolic work, was composed in Normandy on July 1943. So it evokes the peaceful fields with the farm cattle moving among them under a very hot sun at noon, going afar with a slow pace into a misty, hot background. This rather easy piano work must be played in a very gentle manner, with delicacy and using the piano pedal according to the composer. Then it gave birth to an orchestral work also written by the composer, thus bearing the same title, with no great technical difficulties (Editions Combre).