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"Trois petits divertissements" (piano)

July 2014

The "Trois petits Divertissements" op. 29 for piano, written in 1947 by the french composer Maurice Journeau, are just published by Editions Fortin-Armiane in Paris. The numerous piano pieces by the author use very different musical forms although each one bears the hall-mark of a strong personality. Some of them unite a free way of writing and a "light", e.g. simple appearance. We find relevant examples to this with the very melodious "Divertissement en forme de Sonatine" op. 25 (c. 1939), then the amusing, playful "Trois petits Divertissements" op. 9 (c. 1947), finally the original "Divertissement pour deux pianos" op. 49 (1959). The three small divertimentoes constitute a lively trilogy with titles corresponding quite well to this recreative form: 1. "Espiègle" (Mischievous), 2. "Rustique" (Rustic), 3. "Sans prétention" (Simple). (Chantal Virlet-Journeau)